I have been trying to meditate. Do any of you guys meditate? During a normal day, I am sure I waste hours and hours of energy and time regurgitating the same thoughts or worries. So, I thought 😉 why not try to eliminate those extra thoughts and use the time I save to meditate. When I’ve tried to meditate before without sound/music, i usually end up focusing on the hum of my fridge or the sound of traffic outside my window. Because the very core of me is music, I started looking for some kind of music to accompany my meditation. I found these tone frequency mp3s that are for meditation and focusing. When listening to them, I am much less interested in the hum of my fridge and find it so much easier to clear my mind. The theory is that your brain responds to frequencies to engage certain levels of thinking. This one below is for healing I believe. I figure whether my mind clears because because of this tone/music or just because I believe it will, either way I win. If you have trouble clearing or stopping your mind sometimes, I recommend giving it a try.