From the Newsletter:

Tis the season to connect.  Please forgive my inconsistency with newsletters. I hope 2013 has been a joyful, peaceful, and healthy year for you.  This year has gone so fast, but I’ve been incredibly blessed.  Not only to have been able to release dozens of songs through GMPresents but because of the success of “Skyfall,” I have connected with so many people through music.

Drum roll………………….

A “Silent Night” for you:

I have a present for you…..It’s a very, poorly made scarf.  Just kidding.  It’s music.  A few weeks ago, I was singing Christmas songs.  Silent Night & Away in a Manger really resonated as carrying the same message and an idea came to me.  I could combine them!  Also, they are both such traditional, timeless songs that by combining them, I’d be able to interpret them in a new way.  Also, because I have so many musicians around me, I wrote the sheet music out.


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen & Gentlewomen:
Also, in my enthusiasm for Christmas I arranged “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”  I love me some good harmonies and this one is full of them.

Available on: Spotify, ITunes, and Amazon.

Reflecting on the year, I am so thankful and humbled by your support.  I wish you an incredibly wonderful holiday and a joyful start to the new year.

Much Love,