Ahh….dreams.  We all have them.  And you if you don’t….liar! I think of dreams as the road in front of life.  It shows us where to go.

Most people I meet have a passion or a dream they would like to see happen. Music, acting, new business, starting a family.  Dreams are exciting and promising and they make you feel good.  I started singing and playing music because I love it.  I love being involved in music and creating it. For most of my life, it’s the only thing I ever wanted to do.

Life have ebbs and flows.  We all know this.  Sometimes you feel like you are on fire and some times you feel like you are running in place. These days I am in a bit of a transition period. It has been more of an ebb lately and is just starting to flow.  Ebbs can be hard.  Whenever I voice ebbs to my family, they politely suggest maybe it’s time to find stable job. They do mean well.  The hardest part about space or an ebb is that it’s hard to enjoy it.  If you’ve been working and all the sudden you have some time off.  That should be a great thing, right?  Go surfing.  Go on a vacation.  Catch up on Game of Thrones.

But most of the time, I’m so worried about the space/lack of work and possibility of it lasting forever that I can’t even enjoy the time off.  That sucks.  And space leaves lots of room for doubts about what direction I’m going and what I’m doing with my life.

So these days I’m tackling those doubts a few ways.  If you have doubts creeping up on you, these could work for you too.

1.  Every time doubt comes into my mind, I mentally hit it out of my head like a baseball. I’ve gotten really good as recognizing thoughts that don’t belong and getting them out as quickly as possible.

2.  When I have fears about work, I start singing and writing. It not only gets my mind off of the doubt.  It gets the juices and excitement flowing again for music.  Music and writing is what I love.  If I’m doing that, I’m on my life’s path. And it doesn’t have to be music.  Sometimes I go surfing or go to a yoga class.  Sometimes I clean.  Anything to get my mind off of it.

3.  Possibly the hardest but most important….I am trusting my higher self and the universe more.  This has been a longer process, but really valuable.  When I have”setbacks” or disappointments, I look at them as positive.  They are either showing me a different path or teaching me a lesson.  Nothing is bad or invaluable.  Even when ‘bad’ things happen, they help me define more of what I do want.

Hope this gives you some inspiration!