As many of you know, there was a time a few years ago that I was releasing a lot of cover songs.  Most of them were acoustic versions with piano and vocal.  I would record them myself and a friend would release them.  For me there were two reasons to do this, one was for increased exposure and the other was consistent releases without the pressure of going into a studio to do a fully produced album.

One of my cover songs did really well, much to my surprise.  It was the version of “Skyfall” by Adele.  It’s a great song and has gotten millions of plays on Spotify.  That was the song that led Elizabeth Plaugic to me.   So about a month ago, she contacted me about a story she was writing about cover songs.  I gave her a phone interview and talked about my process and how I go about picking songs.

The article came out two days ago and it’s not a flattering article.  Its angle is mostly about deceiving people into listening to your music by making them think they are listening to the original artist.   That was never a thought in my head and doesn’t even make sense to me because my voice and the versions are very different from the originals artists.  Therefore, I do not take much offense to this article, besides the fact of being intentionally portrayed in a negative way.

So the question now is….What can be learned from this?  Should I have not given the interview? Possibly.  However, my gut didn’t tell me not to do it, so I don’t regret it. I was honest and authentic in my answers.

The continual lesson for me is that people are going to perceive you as they want to perceive you, regardless of what you say or your intentions.  Elizabeth’s angle for the story was set long before I did the interview.  It is always up to the individual person what they would like to gain from the anything: a situation, a friendship, a piece of music, and an article.  If someone is upset that they accidentally bought a cover song instead of the original artist, they are going to see me as the enemy.  If someone loves alternate versions of the original song, they might immediately go and listen to my covers and become a fan.  Both examples have nothing to do with me.

I emailed Elizabeth expressing my disappointment in the deceptiveness of the article.  That is incredibly ironic because the article was about deceiving/manipulating people and that is how I felt after reading the article.  Her response was a polite, ‘sorry you feel that way.’

My response to that is…At the end day, all you have is your integrity.  That is worth more than any feature story or amount of money.  It is never wrong to be honest and your authentic self regardless of the outcome.

Here is the article is you want to read it: