It’s happened.  My book, I Love My Amazing Body, is done and printed and coming out in a month!

I Love My Amazing Body is a children’s book encouraging confidence and body appreciation.

The book is about a spunky little girl named Jackie. Jackie takes the reader through each body part describing all the things she loves to do with her amazing body. With her fingers she loves to play piano. With her hips she loves to hula hoop.  With her arms she loves to hug her dog. With her legs she loves to run.

Each page also includes an interactive question to engage your child and get them thinking and moving. How do you move your shoulders when you swim? What do you love to draw? Can you sit with your legs crisscross applesauce?

We want to change the dialogue we have with ourselves about our bodies starting at a young age. This book will help instill a sense of confidence in children with the understanding that our bodies truly are amazing in all they can do!

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