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I wrote “Fall So Slowly” a few years ago. It’s a straight up love song.  I recorded it several times. But until now didn’t feel it had the right groove or was the right time.  The last producer was Jeff Kossack. He was wonderful and renewed my enthusiasm in the song.  He is a great producer and we recorded a version of the song but I didn’t release it.  When I decided to release the song, I went back used much of what we recorded. I added some harmony and change the form a bit.

I hope you enjoy it.

Fall So Slowly – Lyrics

We stand intertwined
And you cradle me
My arms and legs
Wrapped around you like a lifeline

I can feel your desire
And I’m safe with you
When you take me to
The edge and set me on fire

And I fall so slowly
I fall so slowly tonight

How you take
How you break my control
Cause those eyes, those eyes
Like a pierce of light
How they cut right to my soul

It’s a race against time
And your teasing leaves
Me a shaky leaf
But damn you know what I like

And I fall so slowly
I fall so slowly
I fall so slowly