I am so thrilled to release this EP.  I love Christmas songs and, as you probably know, I try to release a few each year.  This year I wanted something different and more collaborative.  I’m used to just recording and releasing songs myself.  It was a wonderful change to record with some friends.  I’m very lucky to know many amazing singers, but these three are just some of my favorite people; kind, fun, easy to work with, and talented.  And as always, I am so thankful for your continued support.


Andrea Zomorodian~It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We met during an workshop and I immediately liked her. Andrea is an exceptional musician and vocalist.  Her vocal tone is rich and strong.  I’ve mostly heard her sing in classical music settings, but she is very versatile and has lovely trills as you will hear.  The version of It’s beginning to look is fairly standard but we added some nice harmonies and a cool intro.  Click here to check out her solo stuff.

Ashley Fox Linton~The Most Wonderful Christmas Waltz: Ashley’s voice really captures that crooner style and it literally sounds like she’s caressing the words as she sings them.  We met during a class and hit it off.  She performs a lot of Musical Theater and has has a wonderful career so far.  We mashed up Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Christmas Waltz.  We each took a song and wove them together, going back and forth with the melody.  Click here to check out her solo stuff.

Brett McDermid~Baby, It’s Cold Outside: There is so much character in Brett’s voice. He can have a legit classical bass tone, then switch go this deep crooner voice, then morph into a bright Broadway sound. I tried to include all of the character while recording him.  The song was originally supposed just switching the normal girl/boy parts. But he has such an incredible sense of humor, it turned into a play on how women fall for gay men. The quintessential “He’s just not that into you.”  I originally met Brett on some choral gigs, but we didn’t actually start working together until 2015.