by: Jocelyn Scofield

I’ve never played the game
I never learned the rules
I’ve loved only one man
I’ve loved only you

And now I’ve this broken heart
I don’t know what to do
I’ve got nothing left to give
And nothing left to lose

You’re standing with your new love
Looking all shiny and new
She can’t stop smiling
Her look of love to you

And I’m on the other side
Feeling like an open wound
You ask me how life is
But I could never lie to you

If I’d walked away then
I would have kept my dignity
If I’d walked away then
I would have missed your pity

I don’t know If I’m strong enough
To ever see you again
I don’t know if I’m meant for love
If this is how it ends
I’m no actress
I can’t pretend
That I don’t love you
I’m not hurting

I think I’ll go home now
So I can be alone
Please don’t say goodbye
And please don’t watch me go