New Single Out: June 1, 2017

I’m really excited to share this song.  The production is as quirky as the text.  The text comes from a Lewis Carroll poem called, “Palace of Humbug.”  I wrote it with the intention of creating a classical song cycle.  A few months ago, I met a wonderful singer/producer named A.J. Teshin.  We hit it off and started working on the tune. He created all of the instrumentation and produced the track.  I hope you love it!

The Palace of Humbug by Lewis Carroll
(Lays of Mystery, Imagination, and Humor)

A 1:
I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls,
And each damp thing that creeps and crawls
Went wobble-wobble on the walls.

Faint odours of departed cheese,
Blown on the dank, unwholesome breeze,
Awoke the never ending sneeze.

B 1:
Strange pictures decked the arras drear,
Strange characters of woe and fear,
The humbugs of the social sphere.

A 2:
One showed a vain and noisy prig,
That shouted empty words and big
At him that nodded in a wig.

And one, a dotard grim and gray,
Who wasteth childhood’s happy day
In work more profitless than play.

B 2:
Whose icy breast no pity warms,
Whose little victims sit in swarms,
And slowly sob on lower forms.

C 1:
All birds of evil omen there
Flood with rich Notes the tainted air,
The witless wanderer to snare.

A 3:
The night was fled, the dawn was nigh:
A hurricane went raving by,
And swept the Vision from mine eye.

B 3:
Oh, yet my spirit inly crawls,
What time it shudderingly recalls
That horrid dream of marble halls!