I am very happy to announce the release of a new song, “There is Hope.” The song is in commemoration of International Peace Day, September 21st, 2016.

The topic and lyrics are very dear to my heart.  I wrote the lyrics after the November Paris attacks last year.  While it has a melody, it is a free from song with no chorus.  I hope you enjoy it.



There is hope inside of me
It may seem like a silly dream
but I see a world where light
Is stronger than spite
And peace is stronger than the fight
Of those who try to keep fear alive
And I see a world where
Where love reaches farther out
Than hate or pain or doubt
And it can wrap around us
When we start to lose faith
And hold us in a state
Of compassion and grace

So how long,
How long before this reality
Is something you and I can see
I don’t know but it can be true
If we hold on to this picture like a prayer
Let it whisper in the air
With every word we speak
Reflecting the world we want to see
I don’t know but I’ll wait around
Hold fast until my last breath
Believe this for the rest of my days
It’s too important for a time frame

There is hope that beats in me
It is a song I need to sing
As long as it lives in you and me
It doesn’t have to stay a dream
It doesn’t have to stay a dream