Vespers @ 7:31 (Original Version)


Vespers @ 7:31 (Radio Version)


Vespers @ 731 is a string orchestra instrumental piece.  I called it ‘Vespers’ because it feels kind of like a prayer. The song starts with two string instruments and string voices are added one at a time.

The 7:31 is for several reasons. As I was writing it, the numbers 7, 3, and 1 showed up in many places in the composition. It has 173 measures. The tempo is 137 bpm. It ended up 317 seconds long (before I added reverb). Perhaps not coincidentally, this July it will have been 31 years since my father died.  With so much synchronicity, those three numbers has to be in the title.  I ended up releasing it on 7/31 as well.

The cover was drawn by a Thai watercolor artist.  I’ve always love watercolors and liked the idea of having a woman playing violin on the cover. I don’t play, so I’d thought I’d model her a little after the violinist, Teresa Milanollo, a child prodigy in the 1800’s. By the time Teresa was 14, she was playing for Berlioz, Lizst, and Chopin. She was a composer as well and toured with the greatest musicians in Europe until she retired at twenty-nine to marry.