GC Contest: New Fender Jazzmaster!

AHH!!! I got my next prize from the Guitar Center Whooznxt Competition.  It is a Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster Electric Gtr, Champion 600 combo amp!  OMG.  I love it!!  A friend said I should just wear it around all the time.


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GC: Taylor GSmini Orig Song

Recorded a new w/ my new Taylor GSmini that I won in the Guitar Center Whooznxt Contest. Look for more videos in the next few weeks and join me on my journey to win the GRAND PRIZE in Feb. Thanks!!!!!!

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Namm 2012

Spent last weekend in Namm. Met the TC Helicon people, tested a bunch of shure microphones, and tried the Kurzweil PC3LE7. Loved them all!!

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Guitar Center Contest Finalist!!! Top 10 out of 17,000

AHHH!!! Guess What?? Do you remember a few months ago when I asked you to like me on facebook, youtube, or twitter. That was for a contest put on by Guitar Center to find the next singer/songwriter.

Wellll……I got a call that said I was one of the 10 grand finalists out of 17,000 entries. YEAH!!!

This means I won a bunch of gear and will compete with the other 9 fantastic songwriters for the grand prize, which is a 3 song […]

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Shot 2nd Part of “Gravity Takes the Lead” Video

Alright.  So about two months ago, we (the video crew and myself) shot the 2nd part of the “Gravity Takes the Lead” video.  Honestly, I saw the footage and………….it was awful.  Just plain awful.  I’m sure it was all me, but I went to Ryan, my director, and said “we HAVE to reshoot it.”

So last week, we re-shot it!!  It went so much better. I had my wonderful director there, a very thoughtful hair/makeup stylist Mica, and the crew.  I […]

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