Review of Distrokid Music Distributor

This is for all the musicians out there who are trying to figure out who is the best distributor for their music. I looked into distrokid before I signed up, but didn’t find any reviews.

Having used distrokid for almost a year, here are the good and the bad of what I’ve experienced.

The good:

Inexpensive ($20, $35, or $80 per year depending on how many artists you have). This is great if you release often.
Easy to upload (they have a one page […]

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If you create it, they will receive it.

This blog is for the dreamers and those who are following their heart.  (So, hopefully you.).  I heard someone say years ago that if you have the desire to create, do, or share something, as a universal law, there is someone to receive it.  He said that for every gift there is a recipient (even if you don’t know who will receive it).  One does not exist without the other. These statements stuck with me.  If nothing else, they made […]

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Interview with Tuoi Tre

A Vietnamese newspaper reporter recently interviewed me about my music and life. I had no idea I had many fans in Vietnam. So I am thrilled to be asked and honored to be in one of their main newspapers, Tuoi Tre. Apparently the Tuoi Tre is seen as a “reformist” newspaper based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The reporter, Yen Mai was incredibly wonderful and gave me very thoughtful questions.

Here’s the link to the Vietnamese article:

Here are my answers in […]

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Ave Maria – An Ave for Ann (first classical piece)

You may or may not know that both my parents were choral conductors.   I grew up with lots of harmonies and lots of choral music.  It’s been a huge part of my musical education and still sing choral music often.

I’ve spent so much time and energy on my own artist songs and pop music in general that I haven’t wrote many classical pieces and certainly have never released them.  Two years ago, a wonderful friend of mine passed away.  […]

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Get out of Town!

As of the beginning of this year, I hadn’t taken a vacation that wasn’t revolved around songwriting, touring, or music in some way in 10 years.  What?? You say. Crazy.  I could not justify it.  I thought if I was going to travel, it had to be music related.  I’m a musician. I just can’t go on vacation just for fun.  What a crock. 🙂  I have gotten over it this year.  Life is too short not to spend part […]

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When in doubt, keep on doing what you love

Ahh….dreams.  We all have them.  And you if you don’t….liar! I think of dreams as the road in front of life.  It shows us where to go.

Most people I meet have a passion or a dream they would like to see happen. Music, acting, new business, starting a family.  Dreams are exciting and promising and they make you feel good.  I started singing and playing music because I love it.  I love being involved in music and creating it. For […]

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Happy Holidays & Goodbye 2013

From the Newsletter:

Tis the season to connect.  Please forgive my inconsistency with newsletters. I hope 2013 has been a joyful, peaceful, and healthy year for you.  This year has gone so fast, but I’ve been incredibly blessed.  Not only to have been able to release dozens of songs through GMPresents but because of the success of “Skyfall,” I have connected with so many people through music.

Drum roll………………….

A “Silent Night” for you:
I have a present for you…..It’s a very, poorly made […]

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To Live an Inspired Life

I’ve been writing quite a bit these days. I always write, but most of the time I write because I can’t keep it in and it brings me such joy to do so.  Nowadays I’m writing with a goal. My producer and I have been figuring out how to release and when to release originals.  It has been almost four years since I’ve released any originals.  It doesn’t seem that long, but I can hardly believe it.

This time it’s a […]

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Singing Takes Courage to Let Go

I have a vocal teaching studio in Los Angeles with about 10 students.  It is incredibly rewarding to teach them and see them grow.  I had one student recently who was really struggling with tension.  When singing, she would tighten up usually in the face or throat to try to have more control over her voice, then berate herself for being tight.  That is an awful cycle.  So I wrote her this long email and thought I’d share it with […]

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