Happy Holidays & Goodbye 2013

From the Newsletter:

Tis the season to connect.  Please forgive my inconsistency with newsletters. I hope 2013 has been a joyful, peaceful, and healthy year for you.  This year has gone so fast, but I’ve been incredibly blessed.  Not only to have been able to release dozens of songs through GMPresents but because of the success of “Skyfall,” I have connected with so many people through music.

Drum roll………………….

A “Silent Night” for you:
I have a present for you…..It’s a very, poorly made […]

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To Live an Inspired Life

I’ve been writing quite a bit these days. I always write, but most of the time I write because I can’t keep it in and it brings me such joy to do so.  Nowadays I’m writing with a goal. My producer and I have been figuring out how to release and when to release originals.  It has been almost four years since I’ve released any originals.  It doesn’t seem that long, but I can hardly believe it.

This time it’s a […]

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Singing Takes Courage to Let Go

I have a vocal teaching studio in Los Angeles with about 10 students.  It is incredibly rewarding to teach them and see them grow.  I had one student recently who was really struggling with tension.  When singing, she would tighten up usually in the face or throat to try to have more control over her voice, then berate herself for being tight.  That is an awful cycle.  So I wrote her this long email and thought I’d share it with […]

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So….thinking about getting TRAINED?

Hello, hello…tough one.

I get this question quite a bit.  “Should I get training in music?”  Answer…….Yes, yes, yes.  Music is a kind of a funny profession when it comes to contemporary music. With classical music, lots of training is what is expected.  Most professional musicians in classical have masters and doctorates in their instrument.  Pop music and jazz because are a bit different.  There are two schools of thought.  The old school thought is that if you have training you […]

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Written Blog: They Love You, They Hate You

Hello, hello.

Welcome 2013!  There are so many things to accomplish this year, so many dreams to runs towards.  I hope you’ve had a great start to your year.  For a while now I’ve been getting emails from people who are wanting to be singers or songwriters asking questions or seeking advice.  While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot.  I’ve never been good about sharing my struggles mostly because I […]

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Releasing songs through GM Presents

Very exciting news. I have partnered with a good friend of mine who has recently started a company called GM Presents. I am in the midst of recording a bunch of songs for them and they will be internationally releasing several of my tracks per month. Will keep you posted on the details.  My first release was a duet on a song called “Elephant.”  I’m super pumped about this project and can’t wait for you to hear the racks I’ve […]

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Musical Meditation

I have been trying to meditate. Do any of you guys meditate? During a normal day, I am sure I waste hours and hours of energy and time regurgitating the same thoughts or worries. So, I thought 😉 why not try to eliminate those extra thoughts and use the time I save to meditate. When I’ve tried to meditate before without sound/music, i usually end up focusing on the hum of my fridge or the sound of traffic outside my […]

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Guitar Center Whooznxt Show

Hello, hello!!! Recently I played the Guitar Center Whooznxt Final Competition. It took place Feb 18th at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. It was a total success. I chose “Much Bigger,” a song from my second album “Unplugged and Unorganzied”. The hit producer, John Shanks, was there. He gave us a pep talk before hand and was really generous with his compliments. There were 10 singer/songwriters chosen from 17,000 entries. All 10 of us played one song and John chose […]

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