When in doubt, keep on doing what you love

Ahh….dreams.  We all have them.  And you if you don’t….liar! I think of dreams as the road in front of life.  It shows us where to go.

Most people I meet have a passion or a dream they would like to see happen. Music, acting, new business, starting a family.  Dreams are exciting and promising and they make you feel good.  I started singing and playing music because I love it.  I love being involved in music and creating it. For […]

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Happy Holidays & Goodbye 2013

From the Newsletter:

Tis the season to connect.  Please forgive my inconsistency with newsletters. I hope 2013 has been a joyful, peaceful, and healthy year for you.  This year has gone so fast, but I’ve been incredibly blessed.  Not only to have been able to release dozens of songs through GMPresents but because of the success of “Skyfall,” I have connected with so many people through music.

Drum roll………………….

A “Silent Night” for you:
I have a present for you…..It’s a very, poorly made […]

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So….thinking about getting TRAINED?

Hello, hello…tough one.

I get this question quite a bit.  “Should I get training in music?”  Answer…….Yes, yes, yes.  Music is a kind of a funny profession when it comes to contemporary music. With classical music, lots of training is what is expected.  Most professional musicians in classical have masters and doctorates in their instrument.  Pop music and jazz because are a bit different.  There are two schools of thought.  The old school thought is that if you have training you […]

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