Camila Cabello on Ellen

The Ellen Show

OMG!! Dreams come true. I was recently on the Ellen Show. Camila Cabello released her new song, Living Proof. She has an amazing choir and I was lucky enough to be in for the live taping.

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BGBD Series Composer

I have fantastic news to share! For the last six months, I have been scoring the second season of a web series called “Black Girl in a Big Dress.” It is written and created by Aydrea Walden. She is a wonderful writer, actress, creative, and person.

The show is about Adrienne who is an awkward African American historical reenactor in love with the Victorian Era. It follow her journey of trying to navigate 21st century dating with 19th […]

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Carpenters with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Dreams Come True

I am thrilled to be able to sing on one of my idol’s albums. This year, Richard Carpenter of the Carpenters re-recorded the orchestra and choir in many of their hit songs. Growing up my parents had Carpenters records and I used to try my hardest to sound like Karen. It was a dream come true to sing with her voice.

Here’s a link to where to find the album:

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American Horror Story

In October, I had a bit of Halloween horror fun.  The TV show, American Horror Story, shot an episode with a choir, and I was in it for a maybe two frames.  It was a very fun day with some incredible singers.

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“The Humbugs” Music Video

At the end of July, I shot a video for the new single, “The Humbugs,” with photographer Chris Martin, and ballerina Gillian George.  The video was shot in a warehouse in the fashion district in Downtown LA.  Gillian choreographed a beautiful routine for the song. Chris shot the video on a Canon 5D Mark IV. We are editing it and have it scheduled to come out in September. Can’t wait to show it to you!

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Echo Society: V

This one the coolest gig. The music was very hard. The composers were very good. The venue was incredible and the experience will always hold a special place in my memory.

The Echo Society is a collective of media composers to showcase original compositions. The concert was at the Ace Theater Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Link to Concert Recap

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Suicide Squad Soundtrack

In May, I had the supreme pleasure and honor to sing on the score of “Suicide Squad.”  This is my first time singing on a film score.  It was amazing and a dream come true.

It was a full day session at Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage on the Warner Brothers lot.  The composer of the film is Steven Price who also scored the Sandra Bullock movie, Gravity.  There were about 30 other singers on the call (SATB).  I was standing […]

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Played at Namm!

I was super honored to play name this month. I have been there once before.  The stage was a lot bigger than I thought it would be 🙂 I played for about 45 minutes on the Hilton Stage. 



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Happy Holidays Newsletter 2015

It’s almost the end of the year!  I hope your 2015 has been a year of joy, laughter, love, and health.  This year has gone so fast, but I’ve been incredibly blessed. Here are some highlights.

Children’s Book Published:
For three years, my friend, Kristyn Dors, and I worked on a children’s book called “I Love My Amazing Body.”  Our mission was to create a book about loving and appreciating the body.  We did it completely independent of a publisher or agent, […]

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