New Song-A Reason

Hello, hello!!!

Besides releasing cover songs through GM presents this year, I’m writing a bunch of new songs.  Will release mostly piano/vocal versions.   I recorded a sample of my latest song.  It’s fairly dramatic, but I love it!!! Hope you enjoy.


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Guitar Center Whooznxt Show

Hello, hello!!! Recently I played the Guitar Center Whooznxt Final Competition. It took place Feb 18th at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. It was a total success. I chose “Much Bigger,” a song from my second album “Unplugged and Unorganzied”. The hit producer, John Shanks, was there. He gave us a pep talk before hand and was really generous with his compliments. There were 10 singer/songwriters chosen from 17,000 entries. All 10 of us played one song and John chose […]

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Shot 2nd Part of “Gravity Takes the Lead” Video

Alright.  So about two months ago, we (the video crew and myself) shot the 2nd part of the “Gravity Takes the Lead” video.  Honestly, I saw the footage and………….it was awful.  Just plain awful.  I’m sure it was all me, but I went to Ryan, my director, and said “we HAVE to reshoot it.”

So last week, we re-shot it!!  It went so much better. I had my wonderful director there, a very thoughtful hair/makeup stylist Mica, and the crew.  I […]

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