Vocal Solfeggio Frequencies

Vocal Solfeggio Frequencies is project focused on meditation.  Several years ago I began meditating first to music and guided tracks, then to solfeggio frequencies.  There were hundreds of solfeggio frequency recordings on Youtube and iTunes.  But when I was searching, I didn’t find any that were sung or vocal.  So, I recorded a version for my own purposes, and later released it on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.  I was pleasantly surprised that people really liked them and bought them.  […]

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Scofield Studio

Scofield Studio is a vocal studio I started in Los Angeles 8 years ago.  I have a passion for helping singers find and figure out their voice.  I mostly work with professional musicians, actors, students, and hobbyists.


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I Love My Amazing Books

In November of 2014, Jocelyn Scofield and Kristyn Dors started the “I Love My Amazing” children’s book series.  The purpose of the series is to promote love and self-confidence.  The books are written by Jocelyn Scofield and illustrated by Kristyn Dors.

The first book in the series is “I Love My Amazing Body.”  It is a children’s book encouraging body appreciation and love.

Click here to visit the book website.

Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

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